Thursday, September 12, 2013

Announcing ABCamp a Friendly Online Community for Beginners in Technology

Interested in web development, mobile, product, design, data analysis, any of the new hip technologies? This is a community that aims to support all people to fulfill their technology dreams. It is designed with women in mind, providing a community for those living far away from the epicenter of technologies, or those who cannot afford the time or money to attend meetups every day of the week.

Job and competition, recruiting opportunities will be available soon.

Join the community here: click here
Join the inner circle of developer's network here: click here

Below is the welcome letter: or click here
What is AB Camp?
This is an online community aims to help all in their tech dreams. If you are getting started with web development, mobile, product development, web design, and or data analysis, this is a community for you. It is designed with women in mind. The virtual community provides an easy-to-access resource hub for any one who has limited time and means to arrive and meet in person in San Francisco. There will be periodical in person events.
The community is free. Please adhere to law and online etiquettes to keep this a safe and friendly environment. We reserve the rights to delete and remove posts that have existed for too long a period, or have been reported to be offensive and attacking in nature by numerous members.
Online Activities:
  • Make a pledge today to start something new in technology: learn a new language, complete a new lesson, start a new chapter
  • Join a peer-discussion about any relevant topics, share useful information, resources
  • Read a featured editor's article / commentary about the current excitements in tech, read a tutorial, or getting started on a new technologly
Sustainability Model:
  • Get support from your peers by announcing your effort / goal
  • Get peer support and good wills by showing social proofs that you have completed the goal
  • Reply and engage in peer activities to show your support
  • Share and showcase your goal and accomplishments to stay on track, share on twitter instagram pinterest facebook
  • Hashtags : #ABCamp #aloftpledge
Member Benefits:
  • Women in Technology: get community support, peer and senior mentoring, building a habit of improvement, understand women specific concerns, first-hand access to women friendly environments, events
  • Career: Job opportunities (Coming Soon), mentoring and advising, community produced researching contents and reports, 1st hand access to publications (Coming Soon)
  • Web Development: opportunity to prepare for Hackathons, competitions as a team, get peer advice, tutorials, getting into a training schedule, cycle and sprints like in marathons

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