Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hacking the Learning Curve, Deep and Effective Learning applied to learn Web Development

Myth or Truth: you have to be good at Mathematics to learn to program? Or use technology? Join our San Francisco meetup meeting to find out!

Myth or Truth: you have to be a uber genius to learn how to code? Or use technology? Join our San Francisco meetup meeting to find out!

Myth or Truth: I don't like my high school / college science classes, I must hate computer science and technology? But you love iPhone! Join our San Francisco meetup meeting to find out!

Myth or Truth: I love Mindcraft, but I can't code, so I can never write my own game, truth or myth? Join our San Francisco meetup meeting to find out!

This will be the last post about the Google Hangout presentation on Wednesday about Getting Started with Web Development, hack the learning curve. It's an initiative from the online community that I am starting. ABCamp

I was fortunate to meet many beginners in technology, through, Crunchies, Women Who Code (San Francisco), Girls Develop It and social media. I was able to collect qualitative colloquial research data from them to understand the challenges, obstacles and the environment. Thanks to "bad" influence from Freakonomics, I am determined to use my economics background to solve and hack some of these issues. I am borrowing cognitive power from Scientific American Mind too.

During this Google Hangout presentation, I want to cite challenges, solutions, motivation, and learning strategies that I have collected so far, share with beginners. The goal is to make learning web development basics more fun, less daunting, have more affinity with their current career, so they don't have to take a jump like I did from consulting career, they can pursue both a business and a technical career. It is especially important for me to present how to use technology to enhance job seekers' skills and opportunities to get hired, improve the productivities of those on the job. It's a win win. I have seen many qualified candidates, missing just one technical stroke when they are almost able to get a great job. I have seen many older employees or employees who have been loyal to their field missing out on the overall job opportunity. They get locked in, pigeon holed, then one day, they may even lose their only job. That's unfortunate, and not the way to go.

Check out the meetup here, remember to sign up for the Google Hangout via Google forms. This meetup is only hosted live streamed, not in-person.

Sounds like a lot to cover but actually it is simple. There are a lot of tutorials out there, I just need to show people what are the shortcuts. Then they can always seek experts in each field. Getting started is the hardest.

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