Sunday, October 6, 2013

Product Management Studies: Evernote Physical Product UI

Read about Evernote's new Post-It Note partnership product on You can now tag each color with smart tags, given them meanings, get free premium membership, and digitalize your doodles and blueprints with the help of 3M.

Checkout the new Evernote market place It is making physical products cool again.

Post-It Note may not be the sexist product any more, but honestly, honestly, these four colors are pretty FLAT, yes, that means they are cool! >_< right? iOS7 is flat (though it may not be cool), but these vintage colors are making a come back. Electric blue? Just a little more neon than the flat blue. Not the same I know, but definitely some affinity. If I were 3M, I would turn these four colors to flat colors though. Then it would be perfect!

What about an Evernote green? What would you tag it with? Your answer may just be the brand value/image of Evernote.

The product is rather similar to the Moleskin Evernote notebooks, which have beautiful pressed cover filled with Evernote's popular logos and icons (the founder was very proud of the logo).

Then I can't help but noticed the wallet, seemingly simple. I immediately noticed to whom Evernote is trying to market. Can you guess what is the geo location of its potential customers?
If you have used the fast on-time metros of the far east, or their ever-so-abundant vending machines, you may recognize the tiny green card that is known as Suica (yes, our clipper cards might have learnt a thing or two from this one). Below is a "infograph" of the intended contents. Yes, all Japanese.

Evernote has achieved somewhat of a cultish status and popularity in Japan. The fan base was like the Mac Apple lovers back then. It is not too surprising that Evernote will boldly display these pictures on their American website. Japan is also associated with good modern designs, high quality, concise, and top-notch. Imagine, how people will feel, if these bills were Chinese (no offense to any one, i am just proposing a quick exercise of perspective)? It just doesn't say the same about design quality.

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