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Y Combinator Startup School 2013 Highlights

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Y Combinator Startupschool 2013 Highlights

Ron Conway ultimate Angel Investor godfather

User interface IP is the new algorithm (the sauce of startup success) @startupschool #ronconway

hire fast fire fast, even if it is cofounders

Ben @pinterest was a founder with a rare non-type-A calming effect says #ronconway

When @pinterest started Ben had to do focus groups with women in coffee shops call them next day to ensure engagement. #feedbackloop

40% of his startups will fail [talking generic stats, and expectations highlighting inherent risks of startup failing]

Paul Graham (Y Combinator): 

Successful entrepreneurs are the cockroaches of the corporate world. [refers to resilience in light of hardship]
Mark Zuckerberg: pre-FB friending meant 0, no access to content like newsfeed. Paul Graham: social networks had the nodes of friend graph no arcs

Nathan Blecharczyk (founder of Airbnb): 

investors want the Bs not the Ms baby. [b = billion, m = million major lol humor]

Mark Zuckerberg Founder of will enter lockdown mode when competitors are ahead on strategic positions. [Mark Zuckerberg]
Mark Zuckerberg: pre-FB friending meant 0, no access to content like newsfeed. Paul Graham: social networks had the nodes of friend graph no arcs

By another Twitter account: Optimizely raised their A round by hosting a mock board meeting with the top investor prospects. Genius

"As an entrepreneur, your job is not to execute the algorithm, your job is to write the algorithm." -  by twitter account Christopher

Dan is all about feedback and action loops. @startupschool while cash > 0 do feedback then action repeat

Scale talent @Optimizely by @dsiroker it was about hiring new people > current average of existing talent pool. Always scale.  = "Google" +  ensured substantial user for feedback loops @Optimizely @startupschool

an from @Optimizely @dsiroker  started with @stanford fashioning neon orange shoes at @startupschool @ycombinator color [this was retweeted by Dan!]

Startup School account tweet: Motivation for creating : wanted to build something "sufficiently epic" to be his life's work.

3 weeks of cash left @evernote investor wasn't going to close deal on the day Lehman collapsed. Phil called everyone in vain @startupschool [this tweet was retweeted by startupschool]

@evernote is Phil's epic work epic work doesn't need an exit strategy. 

 Phil founder of @evernote joked don't even make friends with people you can't found company with. Laughingly @startupschool   @ycombinator

Jack Dorsey founder of twitter and square :  

"The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri

advice is to have a do and donts daily everyday.

the heart of a startup is the founding team's art & crafting, mastery of crafting

Chris Dixon at andreessen horowitz

idea exercise: what would for X Y look like? office hr team today : we are building games like codecademy

university education is a bundle of experiences which will be tear apart 2 b replaced slowly

Tweet by @startupschool “The same thing that’s happened to newspapers in the past 20 years will happen to education in the next 20 years.” - on MOOCs

Additional highlights:

"It's better to make a small number of users really love you than a large number kind of like you"

Stanford Professor Startup Engineering Coursera teacher - balaji srinivasan

philosophy US is a nation of VOICE & EXIT. Vote to change system or immigrate,leave. In startup world is found ur own company

startup tech landscape illustrated

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