Monday, October 21, 2013

Y Combinator Startup School 2013 - Speaker List plus a casual summary

While the event is by invitation only, it could be watched live. The startupschool 2013 videos are available here on youtube. Checkout the impressive speaker list, and a casual overview of what they said:

This is a pretty awesome casual summary, though casual.

Chase Adam | Founder, Watsi

unusually successful talk by founder of first non-profit at Y Combinator. Business + Tech applied to non-profit in  providing health care

Nate Blecharczyk | Founder, Airbnb

talks about exponential growth and handling exponential growth

Ron Conway | Partner, SV Angel 

overview of fundraising, paperworks, financial backbone of startups

Chris Dixon | Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Founder, Hunch, SiteAdvisor 

talks about ideas and how to find winning ideas

Jack Dorsey | Founder, Square, Twitter 

gets personal and talk about how to use philosophical wisdoms in literature and non-fiction to get by tough times in startups

Diane Greene | Founder, VMWare

the early founding of VM and getting the process right

Phil Libin | Founder, Evernote, CoreStreet 

gets personal talks about tough times at Evernote, building lifetime epic work in startup

Dan Siroker | Founder, Optimizely 

the philosophical algorithms of founding companies and getting it right through feedback loops

Balaji Srinivasan | Founder, Counsyl; Lecturer, Stanford 

philosophical examination of new tech utopia, as the backbone of US economy and "political exit"

Mark Zuckerberg | Founder, Facebook

gets personal and talk about early startup years of Facebook, and hacking building constantly in Harvard

Need to think about how to succeed in Y Combinator interview and get into the accelerator, or better yet understand how to have super-fast legit reflex speed answers for a oral business plan fitting for Y Combinator? Checkout Paul Graham and Sam Altman's live office hour interview for 3 startup ideas, 1 admitted 2 failed. Ask yourself why and why not?

Two additional parts of the blog post:
You can get a sense on my twitter account if you filter by @startupschool or #startupschool #startupschool2013 I had Twitter on the entire time, so this is going to be epic.
2. Why Y Combinator has turned me away from startup-ing, with a twist though!

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