Friday, December 27, 2013

An app for staying in touch with closest friends, long distance

Even keeping long-distance relationship is hard. Sharing moments with friends while not appearing snobby or privileged is hard (research has shown that viewing other people's happy social media moments can make us feel sad and alone). Googled around and found an app called Path. As long as you have a smart phone or a tablet with internet, you can use Path for ... sharing a lot of moments, some even automatic. 

I have 7 friends on Path versus 700+ on Facebook. It's the difference between intimacy and broadcasting. 

You can read more on their official website Path an app for staying touch with friends

While Path is intuitive, allows you to share a variety of moments. There is a learning curve. You can find inspiration in the STORY section, or read on the "manual" in support section. I am surprised that my not-so social media savy friends have found talents in using limited free emoticons and stickers, using Path to keep track of personal goals preparing for a qual, group chats, and notify me when they are asleep (extremely helpful if your best friend is in Texas and you are 2 hours later in California).

There will be future blog posts covering unique features. This post is an overview, to get you started:
- limit your post to only accessible by individual friends, select 1to 3 to more
- you can visit your friends timeline and it will be logged
- a bunch of "sensors" automatically update your timeline: location, neighborhood and activities
- you can mark that you are asleep hence won't be able to answer msg
- you can private message and group chat!
- emoticons, some really elite ones, paid though
- you can share your location, check in, messages, emoticons, voices (awesome!), buildings, songs you are listening to, books you are reading... All these sharing can be done one-on-one with a small group (private messaging) or with your path friends in general 


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