Monday, December 30, 2013

TREND Rise of the private social network | Hello Path, Dunbar Numberand the Private Social Network

A #socialmedia trend in the making?

Recently I wrote about Path +Path  a smart phone app that allows sharing private moments, private messaging, geolocation, music and other data with a small group of friends. Read the post here about how I use Path to stay in touch with close friends. Even allows you to post your sleep status (see screenshot). Path allows you to automatically (because you can safely trust your intimate circle and narrowcast) and manually share intimate moments with those who are close to you.

No more worries about stalkers on Facebook. I have 700+ friends on Facebook, but 7 on Path. Yes that also means Path grows slowly: 20 million users in 3 years. Nevertheless Path still caps you at 150 Dunbar's Number, this NPR article and audio talks about Professor Dunbar's magical number 150. Yes and no you cannot have more than 150 friends, even if you are super. Just like you can't multi-task when you think you can. Our brain is the limitation. Robert Dunbar cautions those who are Social Media agnostic: even for those workholics, private enterprise networks dominate their days. +Yammer  +Google+  to name a big player... and then where's the time for friends after squeezing the last drop of time for family members?

+Mashable pushed a great article and analysis on rise of private social media network today from Instagram to Twitter, private messaging is rising in not-so-private networks. Do you think this is a new trend?

Ever since I introduced my social media shy friends to Path, I found some pleasant surprises: my introverted friends found surprising talent in posting funny stickers, growing their network on Path, and sharing new year resolutions and goals. I am no wiz at private network, just a catalyst.  Hint, I also started to post my new year resolution pictures: going to the gym daily.

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