Saturday, December 14, 2013

Troubleshoot: People can't hear me on Skype - iOS7

This post aims to help people I know who experienced trouble with international calling on Skype. Issue was that can't be heard by the call recipient. This is a permission diagnostic seeing if microphone is successfully granted to skype.

这个电脑科技解读的博客论文主要是为了帮助我认识的人解决一个问题:对方听不到你的对话。这篇文章是为了诊断问题所在。初步怀疑是没有成功准许Skype使用话筒(应该是一个iOS7 的常见问题)

iOS will prompt you to grant permission if you accidentally denied permissions causing apps to be non functional, you will need to right the wrongs in Setting.

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