Friday, April 22, 2016

Tutorial Spotlight - Stripe online payment for developers

Key concepts

  • Stripe turns customer information into tokens and mask the data so that it's secure
  • Stripe manages versioning by supplying different versions of code via stripe.js
    • Stripe.js is in charge of taking credit data, submitting to Stripe's server and returning a token which can be charge
    • Stripe.js can secure credit info entry without server
  • Stripe Connect Stripe Checkout - eCommerce capabilities for website with Stripe
  • Competitors: square, paypal, venmo, Dwolla (free under $10 dollars)

Official Stripe payment examples and sample code
Stripe API Documentation
Stripe Documentation for iOS
Stripe Documentation for Android
Stripe loves JSONP standard

Stripe Documentation - how to create a subscription payment (useful for most Saas companies)
Create a plan
Subscribe users to a plan

One Month Edu's (YC company) Stripe class
Mini Review: a bit dated but beginner friendly

Full step by step Stripe set up walkthrough (blog)

Stripe freenode #stripe

Using stripe without learning programming
programming is not required

the ecommerce platform you use may already have stripe
stripe plugin is also available for wordpress

Stripe data store stacks (Quora)
MySQL MongoDB PostgresSQL Impala (Apache HBase)

Other Stripe resources:

Stripe Connect 
Stripe Connect
Stripe Data API 
Access to Stripe Data:
Stripe international global
Stripe US feature
Sites that currently let you management and accept stripe payments
Who uses stripe?

 Stripe transfer (OFAC compliant), use Stripe::Transfer  ruby function

Sample Job posting by stripe for Technical support

Thousands of businesses across the internet rely on Stripe to launch their products and get paid. We are mission-critical to them, and each individual and business uses Stripe in a different way.
We work with our users to answer questions and solve problems, then work with the rest of the team to ensure that those problems don't arise again. We like to do whatever it takes to make sure our users are taken care of.
Interacting through email, real-time chat, and phone, we guide developers and entrepreneurs along the process of creating paid products. We inform the direction of the Stripe product by understanding and improving how Stripe is used.
Stripe's support team manages itself independently and develops the processes we use to help our users. This means integrating and developing tools, attending and hosting events, and visiting Stripe users.
You As part of this role, you'll work with the outside world to help more businesses use Stripe. You'll work with developers, business owners, product managers, and finance and accounting staff. Payments problems can be complex with many stakeholders, and it will be your job to make sure everyone understands why Stripe makes sense.
You'll get a chance to share Stripe's culture in the wider community. We host events, attend conferences, sit down for coffee, and hang out in IRC. We try to write software worth talking about, and then talk about it.
You may like this job if:
  • You love to teach and meet new people.
  • You write quickly and clearly and enjoy writing.
  • You can solve open-ended problems, even when you're a little out of your depth.
  • You have a keen sense for seeing through the question being asked to the actual problem a user is having.
To apply, please email [masked email] with:

  • Your background and accomplishments.
  • Some information on why you want to work in this role.
  • Two improvements you'd make to Stripe.
  • A short piece on any topic you're passionate about.
  • The list of languages you'd be comfortable working in, if more than English.

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