Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tutorial Spotlight - WordPress Content Management Systems, Theme Development for WordPress

Make Money from Creating Your Own WordPress Theme

Create your own WordPress Theme from an HTML Template via Sitepoint

Eric Wolfe: Building a WordPress Theme Using AngularJS via

High quality important tutorial though a bit dated now in 2016. Dev tool
Yeoman scaffolding for Wordpress theme called Yeopress
The Lazy Smart Programmer way to set up a wordpress website

General WordPress Tutorials

WordPress shortcode for beginners
How to add a shortcake in WordPress

customize wordpress front page

SEO for WordPress tutorial by No.1 SEO plugin on WordPress - Yoast
The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Site

How to include JavaScript and CSS in your WordPress Plugin by Tuts Plus

How to add Google Authorship tag on WordPress

How to set up Pinterest rich pins on WordPress

How to build a wordpress site

Wordpress shortcodes by Tuts

WordPress Official Documentation from the Codex

Official WordPress lessons

Useful Libraries and Tools

Dev tool - WordPress - create responsive WordPress themes without coding

WordPress custom CSS JavaScript plugin

Social Media Optimization with WordPress SEO by Yoast

Ultimate library and market of WordPress themes for sale - Theme Forest

Pinterest-like WordPress themes

Media Temple WordPress hosting for WordPress apps

Popular top notch theme framework Genesis

Create your own product hunt website with WordPress

upvote downvote for wordpress

ProductHunt Reddit Look-alike Themes for WordPress


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