Sunday, December 17, 2017

Banking on Bitcoin - Netflix's New Documentary on Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin for dummies? Netflix's new Banking on Bitcoin helps you get started learning about the crypto currency in hype.

If you are reading my blog, chances are you love technology, Silicon Valley and the clout of it all. Chances are you are aware that Bitcoin just skyrocketed and now it is even offered on the stock exchange for improved liquidity. This blog is not about investment, not about bitcoin but about Netflix's new documentary on the subject.

Banking on Bitcoin Netflix

This documentary features interviews with experts, enthusiasts and opportunists of this crypto currency. Subtitles including English, Spanish, Chinese and French! Think of as a quick overview of Bitcoin's past and future to get you started.
For those who studied Netflix's business model, you might be aware of netflix's strategy to target niche interests since its founding: indie films, documentaries, foreign cinema and more. Recently it really stepped up original series like House of Cards and Stranger Things. It nature documentaries reservoir is arguably the best on the internet, except it's not playing Planet Earth 2. Have you seen Tales by Light? It's gorgeous.  Have you seen Chef's Table? Delicious! What about that documentary on becoming Warren Buffet? Lovely narrative about nuances of Warren's life. This new documentary is definitely a perfect fit for this niche pipeline. Popular but not mainstream? You can probably find it on Netflix. Youtube too, but less interrupted on Netflix. These are not the Netflix and Chill movies though.

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