Friday, December 8, 2017

CS50 - Behind the Internet's most popular computer science MOOC class

Behind the massively popular CS50 class

Now the most popular computer science class in the history of computer science. Creator, however Professor David Malan has attracted over 1 million students World wide including Emerging tech hubs like India and Brazil. The Harvard professor attributes his success to newly found the popularity of computer science as a field,  but the editor and author of departure seems to think it is because of David's natural showmanship. He is very good at employing props and leveraging industry experts. His class has also attracted prominent guest speakers such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. David has turned this traditional content into the new online medium. Cs 50 really stands out among 7000+ MOOCs among coursera Udacity and edx emerged as 3 major platforms. 

The entire course lecture is free on Youtube. My personal favorites are CS50 shorts, excellent for quickly getting started on a new concept or reviewing an old one. Awesome CS50 shorts include Ruby on Rails, PHP, Sorting Algorithms and more.

The curriculum improves every year. The 2017 lecture series include:

The curriculum is comprehensive and informative. I recommend every bootcamp graduate and people learning to code, learning to program to quickly watch all lectures to solidify your coding foundation. Pro tip: use youtube 1.5x speed.

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