Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Google Doodles Teaches Kids How to Code

Celebrating 50 years of kids coding and the learn to code movement, Google Doodle let's visitors play a mini bunny (rabbit) chases carrots game. Player will solve the puzzle using drag and drop (much like MIT Scratch and other beginner, kids friendly learn programming languages). It's easy for players to drag and drop loops, forward, turn left and turn right to command the bunny. The loop block is quite smart, can automatically resize based on how many other individual blocks it contain.  These puzzles are not trivial. To beat the levels, players need to experiment and think hard about the logic.

The real challenge is to get the optimal solution. If you have beat a level with the optimal route, you will get a ribbon!

You can access this coding game in the Google Doodles archive:

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