Monday, August 12, 2019

Tech Digest Summer-Fall 2019

Google Cloud

Kubernetes Clusters "What's a cluster? It's a set of master components that control the system as a whole and a set of nodes that run containers. In Kubernetes, a node represents a computing instance. In Google Cloud, nodes are virtual machines running in Compute Engine. " - Google Cloud

Service group pods together. Each pod usually contains one container.

Public IP: allows outside visitors to access Google Cloud resources.

Deep Learning 

- Input times weight add a bias activate. 
- Deep learning at home: GTX 1080 Ti
Deep Learning Neural Networks
- Inpspired by neural networks
- These are artificial neural networks
- Connected nodes, with edges
- Model sued to estimate and or approximate functions
- Need large number of inputs

Graph Convolutional Network (GCN) : 
- Adjacency matrix is the input to GCN
- Geometric deep  learning versus 2D euclidean learning
- RNN is a chained graph, replace each unit with a recurrent unit

Facebook NLP multiple languages

What function turns products into sums? Choices: Sin, Cos, Log, Exp. Answer log. Log will turn products into sum. [Deep Learning math tricks]

Secured & Private AI

Private machine learning on data you are not supposed to see. 


How to resolve XYZ?
What would you do for XYZ?
How do you solve XYZ?
Best co-working place in the world
Best exhibitions at tech conferences


How to host Discourse Forum on Google Cloud? Bitnami implementation, monthly host, public ID static address with CNAME DNS configuration.

Server for Python backend : Tornado, there's also Tornado UI to aim with fast development

Host Keras machine learning deep learning models in browser: using keras js

Visualizing convolutional layers

Startup devtools: Marvel, VideoScribe, Youtube shorts, grapheneDB, graph adjacency matrix, 

"Discourse is an open source discussion platform with built-in moderation and governance systems that let discussion communities protect themselves from bad actors even without official moderators." - Google Cloud market place. Discourse smartly manages who can post and how often they can post. Advanced features are only available for reputable and situated community members. Bitnami provides some security measures.

FAQ for Machine Learning

Where to find open Jupyter Notebook directory?
Standard Scaler versus MinMaxScaler. Standard Scaler MinMaxScaler strength and weakness. MinMaxScaler takes into X.max and X.min so it is sensitive to outliers.

Pysyft tutorial, Andrew Trask in Slack
Qwiklab games

Data Science


Return a Series containing counts of unique values.
The resulting object will be in descending order so that the first element is the most frequently-occurring element. Excludes NA values by default

One Hot Encoding
# TODO: One-hot encode the 'features_log_minmax_transform' data using pandas.get_dummies()
features_final = pd.get_dummies(features_log_minmax_transform)

Use lambda function in Pandas
income = income_raw.apply(lambda x: 0 if x=='<=50K' else 1)


(Data Scientists) -[:LOVE]->(Neo4j)
nodes are in (), relationship is in [], colon : marks the label, -> is the direction

Publication pipeline

SageMaker Youtube shorts


YC expo, startup expo jobs on Youtube live

Technical Interviews

O(n) is just m + m + m ... It is linear.

Growth Hacking

Youtube creators can now send messages to friends. 

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