Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review

Being a Udacity DMND alumna and mentor, I provide some insider view of the nanodegree. Bottomline: I would recommend Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree why? Read on.

Superb Exposure to Professional Software and Tech in Marketing
Udacity nanodegree gives practical and experiences, which actually includes a marketing spending on Facebook Ad and Google Ad. Students will get exposure to Moz, MailChimp, SEMrush (?), HubSpot, Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Google Page Speed, UTM tag builder, SEO auditing and more. You can read about these top digital marketing software and technology here on Medium. Given my personal professional growth and marketing experiences, this is really the golden list of must-know marketing technologies. Only a few are missing: Google Analytics, Unbounce, Buffer etc. It is important to note that Instagram Advertising is a part of Facebook Advertising.

One-on-One Technical Mentorship
A shameless plug here, experienced digital marketers, influencers and mentors like myself are on Udacity walking students through projects and how to evaluate campaigns one-on-one. That is valuable professional mentorship which is hard to get in an academic environment.

Insights into Udacity's Marketing Accounts
One hidden gem is to understand Udacity's marketing tactics and other students' marketing style by viewing and understanding what campaigns and ad sets are successful in the master marketing account. With hundreds to thousands of students running ad campaigns at the same time, this is a gold mine for natural experiment. For example, many students decided to pin their personas as a young female but clearly plenty of male leads click on Udacity ads. Which is an interesting insight.

Alternative Track Now Available - Bring your own project
When I attended the nanodegree, one had two choices advertise for Udacity DMND landing page or Udacity Blitz, now you can bring your own enterprise project or even personal business project. You will have to pay your own marketing budget though. Only the marketing budget for Udacity DMND landing page and ebook is included in the nanodegree cost.

Access to Ready-to-Use Professional Client Work Templates and Frameworks
I really wish I had all these ready-to-use highly polished decks, spreadsheets, worksheets when I did growth and consulting work. They really streamline the process, especially during the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage, when the clients are yet to commit and no revenue is flowing, any automation helps and saves costs.

Under-the-hood - a closer look into course work of the Udacity DMND
Check out this mentor-to-student FAQ documentation. See what is truly involved in the student work.


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