Monday, February 11, 2013

Anatomy of a Hackathon!

I am a geek girl making in progress (You may know me as that Codecademy Girl from Crunchies 2012 and the Venture Beat article about me. ). If you want to support my effort to learn coding please join me here and support my campaign, fundraising:

You can read about me on VentureBeat and the Crunchies award!

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With the support of my first two angel-referees, I attended my very first hackathon. Here's a diagram with it explained. Please note that this is only version one. I will keep updating this.

The grand conclusion is that there are totally beginner friendly hackathons, and it is a lot of fun, despite at times it may be intimidating to be with a roomful of experts.

  • People take turns to go up and present their ideas/projects, can optionally form groups/tables
  • Work on a group project, spontaneous project, or your very own
  • Optional: at times there may be a beginner friendly table, join it to work on a tutorial, get help, ask questions, do whatever you want
  • Keep in mind, every hackathon is different, some may have competitions, deadline, no beginner table, etc... I will post different versions of this diagram soon~
  • Endless food/drinks. I learnt that unlike writing an essay, coding doesn't flow with alcohol. I quickly switched from one sip of beer to a doubleshot Starbucks. 

In my newsletter to angel-referee fund contributors, I will detailed my findings in newsletters~ The goal is to have something to share with the public but also some perks for the contributors that are exclusive.

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