Friday, February 15, 2013

Klout - impression - are you an influencer

Startup lifestyles in Silicon Valley:

The geek girls got together to see klout and the wonderful ladies who work there: from community manager, HR to operations and the front end back end developers.

Klout had us write down more than just the names on our name tags. What topics are you influential in? That is a great question. I wrote down Yelp, Codecademy, travel and Stanford. Everyone thought I worked at Yelp.

In case you don't know (my) Klout currently scores 5 social networks and renders one score that represent how influential an individual is within her social networks. And it was one of the first ones to do so, with many perks. Literally, you can receive freebies if your klout score is high enough.

Really, there isn't much down side to signing up. The female engineers at klout didn't have amazing scores, but they got all the geek girl SUPER excited. Working at the Javascript powerhouse, these are hand selected employees hired upon unanimous vote, a long interview process, and a lot of questions. Congratulations to their success! Everyone was super approachable.

As for how the score is determined, of course, that is the secret "recipe" of Klout. It is aiming to deliver more useful contents to users, not just judge them on their scores, after going through 3 rounds of front-end redesign and at least 3 rounds of back-end sort out of its Big Data processing.

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