Thursday, February 14, 2013

Codecademy now an essential tool for beginners

Did you know that Codecademy was down yesterday? It surely will be obvious if you are a beginner using the tool. A few girls at the Javascript study groups already told me that they weren't able to get their meeting going due to the outage.

A friend who tried a new tool was dissatisfied and quickly missed Codecademy. The funny thing was, she wasn't even a fan before. The outage (which unfortunately erased a few progress marks, and is currently being worked on by the Codecademy team for restoration) has somehow showed her just how important this tool is.

 Cheers to those yet to discover just how carefully designed the lessons are in this website. And one reason we loved it? It helped so many of us who didn't like reading tutorial books get started on coding. I still receive tweets on a daily basis about working moms, business practitioners, just everyday people learning how to code with Codecademy. Happy thoughts.

[Updated Feb 17]
For those affected by the outage, unfortunately some efforts are lost. As Codecademy does not charge a penny, and has gained quite a user base, it is hard for users like me to get mad beyond submitting a ranting support ticket. Codecademy supplied the apologies through multiple popups, but it wasn't enough, data was still lost. In the true spirit of #gamification - an element of the site - a 404 error badge was distributed to those affected! (super cute indeed) And it was promised that this will be a rare badge (reading between the lines : we are sorry and it won't happen very often, hence rare badge)

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