Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be an Angel or a Referee - help a girl learn how to code

I started a personal "kickstarter" fund to raise money for my programming education. If you are interested in hearing me out, and potentially donate/contribute a small amount to help a "fuzzy" girl learn coding. Please watch my "pitch" here :D

You can donate with the link below. So far I have raised $90 from three fund angels! One is a consultant,, one senior mobile app developer and another social network app developer. You help means a lot!

The money is put into great use and for programming education only. Meanwhile, I will produce visual learning aids from my coding journey to help other learn.

Just this week, I went to my first hackathon ever, I am working on multiple programming courses (which cost money) and multiple free tutorials (use free resources whenever possible): Ruby, jQuery, HTML+CSS, Rails... I am on multiple coding projects concurrently.

One day I studied programming so much that my brain actually aches. Your support matters!

Today I put some first dollars into use to sign up for a $25 monthly subscription program for video tutorials. Meanwhile, I am sweating through multiple coursera and Youtube videos. It is getting hard pretty quickly! I am not just doing web design, but really web programming, so I need to get pretty technical, and start preparing for the intensive 9 week web development bootcamp that is coming right up!

In any case the first $25 is spend but if you sign up for Tree House too, you can learn programming through video tutorials, and that you can help me save money and also give yourself a huge discount by using my referral link. Here you go:

Thank you for helping a beginner programmer in need!

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