Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And you wonder why Javascript is important!

It is easy to get distracted these days with Ruby on Rails, Django... fancy frameworks, pop DB noSQL. The fundamentals often get ignored and pushed to the back burner. We start to forget Javascript is still the omnipresent front end language, and in many cases, it is more than that - think Backbone, Node... Yes, it is truly everywhere. It might be an oldie like C and Java, but none of the trio is going anywhere.

That pushes me back to the not so distant memory of Codecademy, which started as all Javascript. Is it important? Yes, it was a conscious choice (according to at least one interview count). Js is the language of the web hence, Codecademy decided to use that for its beginner tutorials.

Need more convincing, fast? Indeed: it helps to know Javascript to use jQuery, front end interactive web design, AJAX displaying new info without refreshing a page, APIs, tons of web APIs spit out json and use js, and of course just the fundamentals : grammar. Javascript is particular, it is good to start with a particular, picky language and move on to less restrained ones later (it's feels like a relief!), and it makes you pay great attention to syntax. Detail-oriented helps save debugging time.


  1. Great post! Exactly what I was debating with myself :-)

  2. do you have any recommendation for other blog readers and visitors for learning javascript? :D thanks for your comment!


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