Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lean In Chapter 1 admitting the ambition

Chapter by Chapter Reaction to

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In

Posting a blog post about reading Sheryl's Lean In is actually ... admitting that I want to be an ambitious, successful, boardroom squatting woman! Gasp, us women simply don't do that. Sheryl's is saying we actually have to fight for better rights, the progress has simply stalled.

Standing on the shoulder of giants?

My high school classmate Lucy has led the feminist club, rallied ladies and guys to vocalize the demand for equality. I heard great names like Virginia Woolf, but I had no idea what she was about? Something about anonymous female authors, something about universal suffragettes .. all the concepts and people blend together. Okay, I fail as a feminist, and I never thought myself as one. Because being a feminist is saying more than demand equality. It is actually more extreme, it demands more in light of all the unfairness that women have suffered. To defend the victims, we almost have to over compensate and say that women are better. But of course, all concepts need to be more mellow and friendly, as well as accepting to have mass appeal, and may be then, the concept of women being better and being leaders have mellowed down...

Sheryl Sandberg is saying fighting is needed though. And that is true feminism. If we don't fight for better lives for women, better compensation, leadership opportunities, the progress will be stalled further, and all who is not doing that, is just enjoying a free ride - riding on the shoulder of giants trying to reach the sky. 

The sky does not just come down and meet up. 

Sigh and thrill, I just realized that the time is different. This is the exciting times of being a woman, being a woman in the tech world, being a woman learning how to code. Oh gosh, what shall I do? I can tell something exciting is happening, like Katy Perry's Firework song makes crackles, makes you want to jump, shine and then burst. 

Love it, as I dig deeper in technology, I have discovered a great read - the modern feminist manifesto by a business lady. She might cause controversial because her background is unusual, privileged, and powerful, but hey, I am so glad that she got me thinking, ticking, and now becoming unrested.

 --- Below is a video by Levo League, Caroline Ghosn is a co-founder, and she is a Stanford alumna <3 flowers for her.  ---

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