Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bootcamps and Words of Caution

I read these two great posts on a blog owned by a Dev Bootcamp graduate, and a successful professional developer. They are great words of caution for candidates of bootcamps:

The Economics of Dev Bootcamp (And Other Hacker Schools)

You Could Be Kicked Out Of Dev Bootcamp

And I replied to the posts with my own observations:
I have always been a little suspicious of their stats. I agree with you that a word of caution is needed. I am also attending a bootcamp now. Unlike traditional schooling it is faster, cheaper, more effective in the real engineering world, but for sure, it's no amazing education pill. Many who have different learning styles feel the burn. As peers, we are trying really hard to look out for one each other, and fill in the gap. Hope all candidates exert caution. 

It is also good to point out that some schools like App Academy does it preemptively , e.g. they quiz you and test out your programming capability before hand as a part of the application process.

I am running long here, Natasha's post are really enjoyable and thought-provoking. She's so right that *lots of preparation is needed* before joining a bootcamp. And also during the bootcamp, keep in mind that some already went through other forms of advanced training and will often say *that(programming) is easy*. Please don't get discouraged. It depends so much on the individual students. The best students in the current class have surprised our peers. They come from all walks of life.

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