Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Big Move

The new class at Coding Dojo is starting tomorrow on Monday. The current class has about 3 weeks overlap, and we are moving downstairs leaving the upstair, brighter and better office space for the new class. I don't think I like the chemical smell of new furniture very much, but I haven't made up my mind about this overlap.

Will we get enough attention, help, support? How is the staff time going to be divided between the classes? It certain is doable and somewhat reasonable to have this overlap, but definitely some unease too. 

I did sign up for some TA sessions, to help the new class with topics that are very interesting to me PHP MySQL. I actually would like to help with other parts too but it is too close to demo day. HTML, CSS, jQuery are areas of interest to me too. 

So much of learning how to code in a bootcamp is not about the coding. It is really about all the parts that come along as a package. It is about the commute, dividing time among family & friends, learning, dealing with life... it's never just about coding. That is why this is a big commitment, and sort of a life adventure / milestone. We will see how things turn out. 

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