Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vocalizing the Pain and the Daisies, Sun Flowers

To this day, everyday I hear doubts and questioning about my ability to learn how to program and code... which is strange because I have been doing it for a few months now, and I do it fast and well for how fresh I am. Fresh as a mint :) because I am newly minted.

For a while, I wanted to write a blog post about the frustration I have encountered when people make very rude and inappropriate comments about my learning process. But I didn't want a blog post of a nasty rant, so I have been waiting for the right inspiration. And today I found my words.

Watching Amanda Palmer at this time in my learning process, was a huge #inspiration. She was able to help me voice the inner beauties of liberal arts, arts, music, and PEOPLE, people who delivers kindness, sparks of brilliance. And then she voices the pain, when others who should mind their own business asks her to Get a Job! make MEMEs about her being greedy and Not Allowed to Ask for Help. Her conclusion was simple: it really hurts.

Her other inspirations: trust people, and seek beauties everywhere. A few days ago a few classmates and I went to the Dog patch for a career fair, normally, why would i go into an industrial part of SF, near the water, under the highway for anything? The biggest surprise: pastel color painted houses, small neighborhood joys palm trees, Rickshaw bag shop, coffee, chocolate tours... and it reminds me a few years when my high school was located in the Mission...

There was something amazingly beautiful about that "unsafe" neighborhood (some people still paid the price of the exposure), but for the most part, it was a happy inspiration of wonderful people, arts, cultural melting pot.

Can I say that's just the best part of being a San Franciscan? That was before all the recent Silicon Valley development, this was already an exciting beautiful place

So I wrote this:
Whenever someone question my belonging in the tech industry, I never feel sad because i always have my beauty in the liberal arts. What makes me so happy all day long is doing what i want, learning coding for instance, and with my fuzzy fluffy twist. It's fun to catch up with friends over Japanese sake and talk about servers, the color themes of their product design, the artists of real world and online on dribbble, i will spend an equal while squeeze out a form processing logic but also that one tap that animates, bounces and fades in and out. I wouldn't give anything to trade those times when I read Pushkin, Byron, and draw the Raven, as I go deeper into the tech world, these fuzzy happiness will always be with me and it will permeate everywhere. #inspiration via #amandapalmer

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