Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrating International Women's Day - Female Techies ! Rawr [Work in Progress]

You will hate me for saying, I really don't know. I have meant to write about this topic a lot, but not sure where to begin. I only have observations,  but cannot comprehend what I am seeing in boot camps, events, hackathons... Hopefully this will make sense soon.

Without a doubt there has to be a difference. In fact there's a difference between everyone, everyone's learning style begs to differ. To celebrate International Women's Day, I have decided to provide a list of resources instead. Destinations themselves are non-biased, unlike the individual articles. You may enjoy  this list for:

  • Finding women friendly environments
  • Finding women specific events
  • Understanding what other lady geeks have been doing
  • Understanding gender differences, learning styles
  • Designing your own programming education
  • Reading for fun :) Happy #IWD

Leaders & Inspirations

Sheryl Sandberg
Marissa Mayer
- People say that the biggest favor Marissa did for Yahoo is to bring attention and media back to Yahoo. Yahoo's stock has recovered significantly since she joined.  But there's way more. She's a tough iconic leader who dares to make changes!
Sasha Laundy founder of Women Who Code, also involved with Codecademy!
More about Sasha

News & Articles

Cosmopolitan editor writes about sexy women, career health life tricks alike

Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal

Learn how to deal with office politics, women help women, understand the differences in communication styles

Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook writes about Women Work and Leadership


Women in the Boardroom: Symbols or Substance?

- Stanford Research on Women in Boardrooms


Online Resources for Nerdettes

Women 2.0 (English) (Spanish)

My very own

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