Friday, March 15, 2013

Coursera Signature Track

Coursera Signature Track introduction by Pamela Fox

Dilys Sun

Pamela Fox talked about Signature Track a new feature by Coursera at the Google DevFest today. This is a new service that is integrated with some courses at Coursera that verifies you by key patterns and recognition and give you a verified certification of completion for your Coursera work. And it is a good business - a paid service $39-79, undetermined.

It is an interesting service, potentially has good business with the hardcore self-selective dedicated students who sign up and actually finishes courses on Cousera.

From the tech side it is also very good, it detects touch versus physical keyboard, keystroke patterns, facial recognition, camera use (Flash, swift) i.e. a lot of user agent sniffing. Device detection. Will post some sample codes.

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