Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coding Dojo bootcamp - does your boot camp teach security?

Apparently ours does! We are learning about SQL injection and cross-site scripting right now (learning to DEFEND against it that is, important to DEFEND). Those are the two main attacks that most sites are vulnerable for. Does your boot camp go this technical? We love it.

Being using Inspect Element much on Google Chrome? Make it your best friend for agile development, HTML CSS design, and understanding forms to defend your site.

Typing as I am listen to Michael from Coding Dojo co development boot camp. Forms are powerful but it can be gateway to attacks to your app. You should never trust plain data coming from $_POST variables or anything that comes from outside. Careful careful.

-- updated march 9 : wow that wasn't just a morning chat, we actually have an online class dedicated to prevent sql injection. Will have to go through the following exercise this week and early next week:
- Make a (facebook) wall - MINE IS WORKING AND IT FEELS FREAKING AWESOME (early version. It has been 5 versions since Monday. Will demo my new one soon. )!
- Make the same wall but now prevent SQL injection
- Make the same wall now with Ajax rather than PHP form processing

Massive headache, learning a ton.

Cool news of the day
Matz talk about Ruby 2.0
Kickstarter poster child Twine is growing
Box model CSS

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