Monday, February 1, 2016

Learn to Code make iOS apps and getting started with ionic framework and AngularJS official getting started video

Here're the notes and summary of the official getting started with ionic framework video
from the ionic framework YouTube channel. 

Ionic is a frontend html5 framework build on Cordova, it's underlining platform. It conveniently created iOS and android mobiles app (hard to create!) from just front end tools - HTML Css and JavaScript. Prerequisites or required installations include Xcode, Xcode command line tools (important! As you see can see in the video, most installations are done in the command line terminal. Skipping this step will cause quite a few problems down the road.), and node.js. Ionic makes use of the npm package management system. 

STEP 1 install ionic from command line via npm
STEP 2 Ionic out of box is platform agnostic. Install the iOS module or the android module. This will allow the use of iOS simulator and android simulator. 
STEP 3 choose an application template example choose tap zap to create a tap based application. 

Please note knowing how to use command line to code is important for ionic!

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