Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Digest Startup, Growthing Hacking, Learn to Code 2

Keywords covered in this tech and startup news digest : Twitter, Uber, Cisco, deals, recommendation engine, logo, branding, design, PR, Internet of things (IoT), Super Bowl 50 advertisement, marketing, reach, growth hack, lifehack, productivity, philosophy, Industrial Age, manufacturing design, startup work culture, yahoo developer conference, event, YUI, AWS 101 beginner getting started webinar, coding bootcamp App Academy offers bootcamp prep, pebble promotional discount 

Uber head of design steps down amidst sharp rebranding criticism. (Hashtag: Uber, startup, branding, design, logo, Fast Company, PR). 

The Twittersphere went crazy over ... Twitter, until CEO Jack Dorsey denied a report that the social-media site plans to rejigger its algorithm to make messages appear by popularity rather than chronology. That report infuriated many users who accused it of selling out to emulate Facebook. #RIPTwitter was the top trending hashtag on the site. (Bloomberg news)

Twitter signs deal with Selerity, which is responsible for leaking twitter's earning data early. Selerity can now offer a white label solution that allows users to consume tweets based on theirs interests and the relevance of the tweets automatically calculated by Selerity. For example, Selerity is smart enough to not show family vacation tweets from Xyz company CFO to those who follow him or her for earnings news and reports.

* Cisco acquires Jasper, a Santa Clara based Internet of Things (IoT) platform

* How much is #SuperBowlAds worth per viewer? #SuperBowl #marketing #ad #freakonomics #viral

* How an Industrial Age blue collar worker dilemma lends insight to a modern attention span issue: constantly checking emails stuns productivity. Fast Company An Industrial Age solution to email overload. (Startup culture and productivity)

* Yahoo developer conference Feb 18 (yahoo conference website)

* Getting started with AWS (Amazon Web Services Pop-up Website)

* App Academy offers pre bootcamp prep that guarantees acceptance to top selected coding bootcamp like itself (learn to code and bootcamp news).
Comment : not sure why that's necessary. 

* Promotions : pebble offers 28% off for two pebble time rounds for Valentine's Day and 14% off a pebble time round bundled with an accessory. 
Comment: not sure if this is really an attractive deal. pebble time round is still very expensive.  

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