Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Udacity launches new "class" feature Career Advisor Program forStudents who study programming online

Udacity new feature Career Advisory Program report, review, and offering walkthrough.Udacity announces new programming initiative - a career advisory service for online students seeking a job as a Front-End Web Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, iOS developer, android developer, and data analyst (basically all of its nano degree tracks. Think of this service as a derivative of the growth and expansion of Udacity nanodegree programs. With the hefty price tag of those programs, paying customers demand better job placements upon graduation). 

What's Included
  • A direct connection to our hiring partners with your Udacity profile
  • Interview practice and resources
  • Expert review of your personal brand (resume, LinkedIn and GitHub profiles)
  • Training for cover letter writing and other important communications
  • A free resume review during your free trial

    The meat of the offering is really Udacity's hiring partners programs As usual, Udacity boasts premium partners like Google (which is always on the list, given the founder Sebastian T's Google background). However, the real effectiveness of these programs and their placement rates are largely unknown. There's no objective 3rd party report of such numbers. 

    It is reported by Udacity itself that its hiring partners include Google, 
    AT&T, Microsoft, and Priceline. These are not the sexiest of Silicon Valley tech companies. However, they do hire a very large number of developers. May be newly minted developers should consider these larger and less sexy companies after all. 

Udacity's career support is still limited. It seems to lean towards sending students out in into the internet to fend for themselves. Often you will find Udacity career service refer to external resources. Some of them are quite good, such as pramp, but keep in mind, within Udacity the opportunity is limited. 


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