Friday, February 5, 2016

Udacity intro to Java programming walk-through syllabus learn to code resource

Why is this walkthrough useful? you can preview the curriculum.It's accessible even when internet connection is poor. It's a text-based way to learn java if you don't like video instructions.

udacity intro to java programming Syllabus
What is programming? : An useful explanation using analogies.
Java (section title) : why learn java because it is a very popular language, mostly simple, safe - will give students helpful and obvious errors. Useful for web, image processing even android development.
Hello, World (section title): write first java program. the line that is System.out.println is the most important line.other parts are setting up the program forthis line

Downloading Blue J (Section title): instructions for installing java and Blue J on windows and mac quiz 0:find the first Contributor to blueJ

Download the course code (lesson title): link to zip file. Assignment is to look for a secret code in one of the text files.

Hello, Udacity! (less on title):create a project in blue J with the help of starter code.Modify the println code Hit the compile button. Right click the orange boxthat represents the project.Select main () method in dropdown and run it.

Create a test project : create a new project or open the test project in lesson 1 code provided by Udacity. Right click and select edit in the dropdown to use the main )method.If creating a new project, need to create a new class, open to edit, delete extra code

Hello World Two lines (lesson title): assignment use two
to print out Hello on a line andworld on another.Udacity will show you how.

Text and Numbers (lesson title): 
There is a quiz. Basically Java will do arithmic on numbers (will add the numbers up in this case) but will display text as it is,word for word.In Java and many languages text is known as a string and is surrounded by a pair of quotes

Our First Program (lesson title): It's possible to twig a program without understanding every detail. Breaks down the System.out.println("Hello, world!"); into object, method and a string. 

print and println (lesson title): difference between ps that print moves the cursor to the end of the printed result, println() move the cursor to one line below the result. It is tricky. 


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