Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shopify Unite Conference talk: web Accessibility is not boring it is an essential User Experience

Shopify Developer Conference: web accessibility talk. Web accessibility is about more than just accommodating a minority group of audience with special web browsing needs! It's about reading in sunlight (needing strong color contrast), night stand reading mode, on-the-go mobile browsing with audio input, desktop audio dictation and much more.

* By Steven bosworth of the themes team
* Shopify image alt texts, fall back texts are important
* Best practice: label all things in theme though tedious
* Each form field should be properly labeled even if hidden
* Form error messages need clear label that traces back to the right field
* form.error is the shopify errors object
* tables : accessibility helpers understands how the td s are tied together. Challenging on mobile - single column display. Shopify handles this for us. (Css work around, hidden span s that announce the correct data, hidden visually but accessibility engine readable
* Best Practice: User testing reveals hidden accessibility problems.
* Caveat: accessibility engines, may not understand relationship between two div s whose visual relation is obvious
* Color contrast and text: studies found white on yellow is not accessible in sunlight reading mode.
* Best practice: test color contrast while designing and developing
* Resource: Twitter #a11y topic on accessibility
* Resource: color blindness testing and simulation tools available on the web.


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