Sunday, January 29, 2017

12 Silicon Valley Tech Startup Job Search Tips

  1. Indicate on Linkedin that you are an available candidate, a service offered by their premium plan
  2. Consider having a portfolio, works and arts to show rather than just a resume
  3. Previous startup experience is a huge plus. Startup founders and teams look for like minded people who can hustle and deal with the startup crunch
  4. Check the job board for alumni offered by your university. 
  5. Google and read information about the company on the internet. Any info on the internet is fair game in the interview process.
  6. Prepare for phone screening interviews with recruiters. Sometimes these calls are scheduled quickly after resume submission when a position needs to be fulfilled.
  7. Be ready for coding and technical interviews over the phone. Silicon Valley is tech savy even recruiters known how to ask a technical question or two.
  8. Brush up on software and web based technical skills. Silicon valley is very software heavy except for Apple and a few other places.
  9. If you are applying for an data analyst job, be prepared to be interviewed like a junior data scientist. Even the business roles can be technical in nature.
  10. Use new job sites such as White Truffle, Hired, Muse ... in addition to traditional sites like Linkedin, job boards etc.
  11. Take an advanced online course to brush up your skills or learn cutting edge technology such as self driving car on Udacity.
  12. Research the technical stack used by the startup

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