Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hugo Barra Googler Xiaomi VP Joins Facebook VR - Startup News

Hugo Barra once a senior Googler, Xiaomi global VP will join Facebook VR and leads all Facebook VR efforts.

After spending years at Google and rumored to had been ousted due to personal and leadership differences with the Google founders, Hugo Barra had spent many years building Xiaomi under founder Leijun in China. Xiaomi has since then developed many hardware products, viral phone strategies and expanded to India.

Hugo will lead and shape the vision of Oculus VR at Facebook. He may not be as famous as Steve Jobs, but he essentially is one of the most experienced super tech product manager and leader in the Silicon Valley and the world. Facebook will need his experience scaling giant tech companies as well as dealing with China, a market that Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg has been courting.

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