Friday, January 6, 2017

Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree Instructors Review

  • Georgia Tech Udacity online master degree instructors
    • This nanodegree utilizes video clips from the Georgia Tech Udacity computer science and engineering classes. The instructors are obviously highly qualified, technical and academic, but give sometimes nerdy and perhaps less engaging and relevant jokes and try to forcefully inject a sense of humor into the learning material. It didn't work out so well. Their explanation is professional and academic but less accessible to beginners. MINUS 
  • sebastian thrun and katie malone
    • Sebastian Thrun was a professor, successful entrepreneur, founder of Udacity, and the lead for many important Google businesses such as the self driving car. He's a really good teacher and gives valuable information on how machine learning is directly used in the industry. He is a god-like teacher in machine learning. PLUS!
    • Katie Malone was a student and a researcher and now a creator of several Udacity Machine Learning courses. She is great at explaining difficult concepts to beginners and advanced learners. She uses real life research examples, data sets from Kaggle, and simplifies the problems into workable problem sets for students. PLUS!
  • In-person lead Udacity Connect Intensive
    • If you join the Udacity Connect Intensive, you may get an in-person lead. He is usually a very qualified tutor and instructor. He/ she may not have the experience that Sebastian has, but is perhaps more practical and accessible for beginners. My session lead was once a Caltech lecturer, so he could go beginner friendly and also expert friendly. 
  • Conclusion: Udacity instructors are industry experts, academics, and highly experienced professionals in machine learning. However, despite each clip is high quality, the Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree curriculum is patched together not in a cohesive manner. This curriculum will pose significant difficulty for people starting from scratch. Experienced professionals, professionals who had exposures to machine learning will have an easier time. 

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