Monday, July 16, 2018

100 Amazing Coding, Machine Learning, Data Science Courses Tutorials on the Internet

While learning to code, bettering your coding schools, online learners should avoid getting stuck in the ocean of tutorials and videos - do not get stuck in learners' limbo. It is impractical to know all the details of a framework. Not every pilot knows how to build a plane, not every machine learner needs to know all the math of all the algorithms!
  • Udacity
    • Web Development
    • JavaScript Design patterns
    • How to Build a Startup
    • OOP with JavaScript
    • iOS Swift
      • optionals
    • Algorithms
    • Data Analytics
    • Intro to Machine Learning
    • Product Design
    • Firebase for iOS
    • Introduction to Firebase
    • Linear Algebra Review
    • JAVA
    • D3
    • JavaScript
      • OOP JavaScript
    • Startup
      • how to build a startup
    • Git and Github, version control

  • Coursera 
  • Berkeley School of Information
  • Stanford CS 101 cousera 
  • R programming and genetics algorithms by Johns Hopkins on Coursera
  • Bio informatics, Data Science Johns Hopkins on Coursera
  • Check out our blog post on free Udacity Baidu self driving car seminar
  • Stanford intro to logic past
  • LittleBits teaches hardware and software engineering experience to kids. It is slightly more accessible than Raspberry Pi. Comes with a variety of sensors and components, such as pressure sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor etc.
  • Tutorial code test quiz -
  • W3Schools
    • HTML Dom Events
    • Free tutorials on Angular by w3schools
    • CSS
    • Angular
  • AngularJS
    • Coursera
  • Platzi learning
    • Once funded by YCombinator. It invites prominent speakers including YC leaders to talk about startup, finance, data, growth and more. 
  • Manning Book Practical Data Science with R
  • Coursera
  • Chinese MOOCs
  • Code School was once pretty good and creative. It became a more generic professional training site after being acquired by pluralsight. 
  • Staying Sharp with Angular.js JAVASCRIPT
  • Building Blocks of Express.js JAVASCRIPT
  • Mastering GitHub GIT
  • Shaping up with Angular.js JAVASCRIPT
  • Surviving APIs with Rails RUBY
  • Warming Up With Ember.js JAVASCRIPT
  • Front-end Formations HTML/CSS
  • Core iOS 7 IOS
  • Rails 4 Patterns RUBY
  • jQuery: The Return Flight JAVASCRIPT
  • Try iOS IOS
  • Ruby Bits Part 2 RUBY
  • Ruby Bits RUBY
  • Try Git GIT
  • Real-time Web with Node.js JAVASCRIPT
  • Microsoft AI school
  • Coursera others
    • wesleyan - creative writing program
    • johns hopkins - rails angularjs mongodb html css javascript
    • wharton - analytics marketing
  • d3 high quality well explained tutorials
  • Meteor Tut+
  • Rails
    • rails
    • one month rails
    • soup to bits code school rails and real life examples
  • Stanford iOS iPhone app class on iTune U
  • JavaScript AirPair
  • Design lessons for developers
  • Startup prototyping code4startups
  • Google developer channel
  • Game probabilities

WordPress Tutorials and Classes

Treehouse offers WordPress tutorials and classes for reasonable prices - a flat monthly subscription. Treehouse also teaches theme development 

Product Design, Product Management Classes

Udacity offers a product design class -

Learn how to build vector graphics: Sketch website has its own tutorials -
- Online book on Sketch
- Treehouse offers a Sketch prototyping class
- - I downloaded a discounted version of Sketch using a treehouse promo code once. 

WebDesignerLedger a website by designers for designers

How to start a startup by Stanford and YCombinator - the best startup accelerator

A startup class Platzi - YCombinator alum in collab with YC partners

JavaScript Classes, Front End and Full Stack JavaScript

Treehouse offers Node.js classes. Udacity offers Firebase JavaScript and Angular classes.

React has been very popular. Get started with React in lieu of JavaScript on Facebook React website

Data Visualization Data Analysis, Data Science Classes

Treehouse offers a D3 class. Udacity is the king of Python Data Science, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence classes.  Udacity offers Firebase classes in collaboration with Google!

 Web Security, Crypto Classes

One month offers a white hat hacker class -

Cloud Engine

For Google Cloud you want to look on Google's website and Coursera. For Amazon, you can use amazon's developer site, lots of free webinars. 

Pro Tips for Online Learners

Use Kindle e-ink to avoid eye strains.


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