Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Get the most out of your Udacity Nanodegree and Subscription

Udacity is pricey. You are on a budget and desperately need a better job. Here are some great tips to take advantage of your Udacity subscription.

Udacity Career Partners and Career Hub

Udacity offer video tutorials for technology as well as how to write a resume, start a startup and more. In addition, each nanodegree is created in partnership with top tech companies, take advantage of these hidden connections. Reach out to content creators and industry leaders from Google.

Udacity Career Conferences

It's real. It works. There are actually top Silicon Valley companies come to review your resume and interview you in person. Highly recommend. I can give a lot of personal anecdote about how well this worked out for me. 

Udacity Career Profile

Completed multiple nanodegrees? You can turn your "ADHD" and inability to stop learning forever into a career advantage: show that you had a the grit and resourcefulness to complete multiple nanodegrees on your career profile. Update it regularly. 

Make your Capstone Project Portfolio Ready

These days, companies hire if you have a great portfolio not a great label. Turn your capstone project into a recruiter ready, professional medium post, a github repo, Linkedin ready slides or PDF. Do this while completing the capstone. It is so much easier. Once you are done with the nanodegree, it's really hard to go back.

For example, Udacity digital marketing project slides are presentation ready. And you get real-world experience marketing for Udacity on Adwords, Facebook and Instagram. 


Though not always helpful, Udacity Nanodegree subscription does come with an online. Remember, you can always request to change mentor if you have any trouble. 

Udacity Forum

A great place for discussion, gaining traffic, and ask for advice. 

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