Sunday, July 29, 2018

Game Design Concepts 101

(draft in progress)

Gaming Mechanics

Four types of gamers especially in MMOGs
  • Achiever
  • Explorer
  • Socializer
  • Killer
Concept how do you measure gaming experience?

Modern games require design addictive cycles to keep the gamers engaged.
It's a big deal because can shake your moral ground. Making a game addictive is both making a successful product but also potentially doing harm to gamers.

Game Algorithms

In-Game Economy Design
Virtual goods are all the range. That's how a lot of freemium games and social games make a buck these days.

Online Social Games
Examples include Facebook games like FarmVille: get lots of traffic, viral factor, millions of people can play it each day (at its height 100 million plus players play online social games each day)

Some gaming companies got so huge, they entire focus shifted to analytics instead of game design.

Concept - Gamification
Making things that are not pure games have gaming elements and incentives to drive results. Gamification takes advantage of fun and addictive gaming mechanics to encourage results.

Summary statistics, segmentation, average per segmentation, user acquisition, conversion, life time customer value, lifetime spending,

Tools for Game Developers:

  • HTML Canvas can be used for gaming. The drawback is it doesn't have undo or redo, have to re-draw everything again, 

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