Monday, July 16, 2018

100 Amazing Tools and Resources for Startup Founders

Brainstorm Startup Ideas and Domain Names Using Generators

One surprisingly easy hack is to precede the startup name with "try" or "get", example: getAlto, tryAlto

Bootstrap - Front End Framework

Previously Twitter Bootstrap is a super popular framework for front-end development. 

Use GSuite or Google Domain to Host Your Custom Domain Email

Want to have instead of so that your company looks official and trust worthy? Use Google Work's gmail hosting or the email forwarding service of Google Domain (only works one way - only receives custom domain emails).

Trello Board

Organize development cycles and sprints with Trello Board.

Material Design - Front End Framework and Stylebook

Google's Material Design helps you design Android like apps, paper like animations and layout.

Flat UI - CSS Framework

Design Google Material Design like UI, flat design. 

Prototyping, Wireframing Tools

Invision, Marvel

Marvel can easily mock up mobile apps in minutes, for free.

Free Professional Apps for iPad

Expensive apps like Adobe and premium MailChimp features are actually available in various forms of iPad apps. You can use advanced features for free! MailChimp even have an offline app for collecting emails at events and conferences.


Get gigs done on Fiverr for $5 dollars and up.

Reddit, Product Hunt, Imgur, Hacker News - are all important social networks for founders at Startups

Outsource and Delegate to Offsite Teams

Google Voice

Use google voice to set up a separate number for work.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

File patents, copy right protection.


Google Trend - Product Research & Market Research - Growth

Yoast - SEO for WordPress

Make Gifs and Screenshots

Some Chrome Extensions also have the capability. 


Unsplash - Stock Photo

Unsplash provides high-quality, startup-friend, royalty free stock photos. 

Code Libraries

In addition to frameworks, there are also jQuery UI, WordPress themes, 

WordPress Themes

Startup themes are available for purchase on ThemeForest. These templates will make your website look instantly like a legitimate startup. However, for WordPress speed is a serious concern. Without the snappy speed, startup websites will give off the wrong vibe. How can you raise funds for your tech startup if your website is slow? 

Bootstrap, a popular front-end frame, can be easily integrated with WordPress.

Hire Designers on 99 Design and Fiverr

Splashthat - Make Instant Event Invite Pages

These pages are called splash landing pages. Splash refers how instant and short-lived the pages are, usually used for a particular event or a purpose, or an Optimizely experiment. 

Pinterest Board for Web Design Mood Boarding

Pinterest Rich Pins are content friendly, sophisticated pins (with specialized meta tags) that display detailed information such as recipe, blog article, and Buyable Pins.

Add E-Commerce Capability to Your Youtube Channel and Games

Alto's Adventure and Odyssey - a top selling iOS game uses Shopify as its e-commerce platform to sell specialty merchandise such as stuffed llama - a beloved avatar int he game. 

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More Tips and Tools:

  • Understand your customer journey Google Customer Journey
  • Practice the philosophy of running a lean startup
  • How to boost employee happiness without spending any money by Fast Company
  • MailChimp newsletter integration with Shopify and eBay
  • Co-working spaces are more than just physical spaces for an office. Those are also great places to connect and meet with people. It is a real community valuable for entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs. 
  • Mock up API calls
  • Web Scraping tool Careful most sites are protected with Term of Use, which generally prohibits scraping for commercial purpose. 
  • Organize your code snippets with public and private gists on github
  • version control for designers pixelapse (acquired by dropbox)
  • Use lint and validator tools to validate codes
  • Business Plan
  • Wells Fargo Business Plan tool and Business Intelligence tool
  • Business Plan tool
  • Calendar mangagement:  User -

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