Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bean bags and step staircase workstation coworking startup office space design

In this downtown startup work space design the designers used fat boy bean bags and an extra wide step tiered staircase to create work spaces where the employees can sit comfortably or even lie down for a nap. This design conserves a lot of space and is a great open space that's not too isolated. It can even be used for standup meetings.


  1. Thanks you for your posts. Have you ever thought about using any kind of vdr virtual data room for your business? I see that you are developing very fast and your business is constantly growing so this topic may be interesting for you.
    Regards, Rick

  2. The designing of your bean bags are looking awesome, superb.

  3. Shopping for children's bean bags is always fun as the designs are more animated. Some come in fruit shapes like a pumpkin. It makes it look like a child is sitting on a real pumpkin. outdoor bean bags


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