Saturday, January 30, 2016

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- Marc Anderssen rumored to buy Twitter with Silver Lake
- Wedding startup, small business founding story from 0 to 1 million with sharktank as partner
- Facebook advertising revenue by active user by geographic region data (growth hacking, marketing news)
- Code School launches free Try Python course and Python path with Monty Python theme
- President Obama launches a White House initiative CS for all #csforall encouraging all K-12 to learn Computer Science. (Learn to code news)
- Fetchnote, mini notes organized with hashtags, is closing its service 
- paul Graham tweets startups shouldn't waste time getting on shark tank

It is rumored that Marc Anderssen may be partnering with Silver Lake to offer Twitter a deal and its stock price soared with speculation

Amex Open Forum How planning a honeymoon led to a million dollar business funded by Shark Tank. Story of a wedding small business traditional startup :

The Guardian How much are you worth to Facebook? Facebook quarterly advertising dollar value per user by geographic region.

White House President Obama initiative CS for all launching a government wide effort for computer science K-12 education.

The Fetchnotes Team is closing its service. They recommend using alternative tools such as Simplenote, Trello, Evernote, or Letterspace.

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