Thursday, January 28, 2016

Silicon Valley Startup & Technology News January 2016 Parse Women Who Code Airbnb IPO

Data as a Service Facebook Parse Shutting Down : just a few hours ago, Parse Blog announced the shutdown. Parse is now officially in "sunset period" until January 28 next year. It released a new database migration tool and an open source server code Parse Server (available on Github), which will allow developers to run Parse like structure on Node.js server. The current parse server supports many iOS apps. It's a surprising announcement because unlike other startups, Parse is backed by the giant Facebook doing really well. What does this say about the state of startups in Silicon Valley?  (Parse Moving On, source parse blog)
Women Who Code rings NYSE Bell : non-profit organization that promotes women engineers was invited by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to ring the Jan 20 Opening Bell.
Airbnb IPO? There are rumors on smaller stock investing websites pointing Airbnb out as the best candidates for 2016 IPO. We became familiar with Apple product rumors to be partly true. They may be true leaks, marketing stunts, or just testing the water. The ending almost always has a twist. Airbnb raised money in December 2015, but has not admitted to intention of 2016 IPO. Other notable incumbents include Uber, Palantir, and Xiaomi, all extremely large private Unicorn "startup" clubs.

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