Saturday, January 30, 2016

Codecademy Learn Java Tutorial walkthrough 5 Variables

Like all other coding languages, Java uses variables to store values like 19, true , 'A', "Hello". Java variables are like storage boxes with a label. You must specify the type of the variable and only store values allowed by the type. It's a strict storage system, example you absolutely cannot put jackets in the shoe box. Java is very OCD. For example char myVar = 'Xyz'; will cause Java to error out because char type only allows one character! 

int myNumber = 42;
boolean isFun = true;
char movieRating = 'A';

Also note that the variable names are in camel case meaning that the first letter of  alternating word is capitalized, example justLikeThis! It's more readable than justlikethis. Though probably less readable than just_like_this. 

Why is it called camel case? It looks like the camel back "camelBack".


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