Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Repost Twitter Developer Conference on International Tour 2016

Dear Yu,
Since the launch of Fabric, we’ve enjoyed meeting developers from all over the world and learning how you’ve leveraged our tools to build amazing apps. We’re kicking off 2016 by hitting the road for our #HelloWorld Tour consisting of a series of gatherings to meet developers, share updates about the Twitter Platform and hear about the apps and solutions you're are building. 

Join the Twitter Platform Team to hear what’s new and how to make your solutions come alive. In each city, we’ll also be featuring talks by local industry leaders who will tell us about the technologies they’re using to build the best apps and solutions. 

Join us in a city near you:
Join us

We look forward to seeing you! 

The Twitter Developer Relations Team 

Follow  @TwitterDev for updates and dispatches from the road #HelloWorld

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  1. There's something immediately dignified about this venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to this comfy convention center recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.


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