Sunday, March 10, 2019

How to Build a Compelling Data Science Portfolio & Resume | Kaggle Quora

  • Make every single line of the resume count because recruiters and hiring managers can only spend 20 seconds on it.
  • Quora engineer's advice for Kaggle Career Con attendees. 
  • Resume basics: one page, one column, clean, simple. Best resumes are probably easy-to-skim. Remove distractions. Have bullet points that reviewer can deep dive. The less busy the better.
There are even LaTex templates.
Need to make it easier to skim.
For tech and data science, hiring managers potentially care more about the skillset than the cover letter or the objectives.
Relevant course works include: Machine Learning, Linear Algebra, Data Analysis, Statistics, Statistical modeling, NLP ... Order by most relevant to the resume. 

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