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Google Cloud Next 2019 Conference - Extremely Exciting Sessions

Here I highlight a list of amazing sessions mostly in DATA ENGINEERING and unique GOOGLE CLOUD CLIENT SPACE, GOOGLE CLOUD USE CASES.

Google Cloud Next 2019
Interesting Data Engineer Sessions at Google Cloud:
Moving from Cassandra to Auto-Scaling Bigtable at Spotify
Data Management: The New Best Practice for Incident Response
Google Cloud Platform from 1 to 100 Million Users
Google Cloud: Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance
Organizing Your Resources for Cost Management on GCP
TensorFlow 2.0 on Google Cloud Platform
Chatbots Will Empower Students and Teachers
Deploy Your Next Application to Google Kubernetes Engine
Fast and Lean Data Science With TPUs
Creating Interactive Cost and KPI Dashboards Using BigQuery
From Blobs to Tables: Where and How to Store Your Stuff
Data Processing in Google Cloud: Hadoop, Spark, and Dataflow
Enabling Healthcare in the Cloud: Mitigating Risks and Addressing Security and Compliance Requirements with GCP
An Insider's Look: Google's Data Centers
Data Integration at Google Cloud
G Suite Data Controls and Transparency
How AI Computer Vision and IoT Is Transforming Businesses
Smart Pallets for a Smart Warehouse: Building Advanced Computer Vision Systems Using Google Cloud IoT
30 Ways Google Sheets Can Help Your Company Uncover and Share Data Insights
Data for Good: Driving Social & Environmental Impact with Big Data Solutions
Data Warehousing With BigQuery: Best Practices
Extracting Value With a Cloud Clinical Data Warehouse
Future of Google Sites
Best Practices for Storage Classes, Reliability, Performance, and Scalability
Best Practices in Building a Cloud-Based SaaS Application
Building a Global Data Presence
End-to-end Training of a Model and Prediction Generation Using BigQuery ML
How to Secure and Protect Your Data in Cloud Storage
Rethinking Business: Data Analytics With Google Cloud
The Future of Health. Powered by Google
Accelerating Machine Learning App Development with Kubeflow Pipelines
Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archival in the Cloud
Bringing the Cloud to You AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)
Building and Securing a Data Lake on Google Cloud Platform
Deploy and Manage Virtual Workstations on GCP
Google Cloud DevOps: Speed With Reliability and Security
Understanding Google Cloud IoT: Connectivity Options and Examples
Unlocking the Power of Google BigQuery
Data Analytics
Building AI-Powered Customer Service Virtual Agents for Healthcare
Case Study: Using GCP to Measure Package Sizes in 3D Images
Cloud Native Application Development, Delivery and Persistent Storage
ow to Run Millions of Self-Driving Car Simulations on GCP
Cruise Automation is a leading developer of autonomous vehicle technology. In this session, we will dive into the infrastructure which allows us to run hundreds of thousands of autonomous simulations every day and analyze the results quickly and efficiently. Cruise runs the vast majority of our testing on Google Cloud, taking advantage of high scalability of compute and GPU resources for our diverse workloads. Our simulation frameworks allow us to replay data gathered from road testing or generate complex variations
Integrating Smart Devices With the Google Assistant and Google Cloud IoT
Kaggle: Where 2 Million+ Data Scientists Learn, Compete, and Collaborate on AI Projects
Kaggle's the world's largest community of data scientists and AI engineers. You'll learn how 2 million+ users leverage Kaggle to learn AI, sharpen their skills on public competitions, incorporate 10,000's of public datasets into their projects, and analyze data in hosted Jupyter notebooks.
Ben Hamner


Migrating Data Analytics Solutions to Google Cloud
Take Care of Data Privacy in a Serverless World with Firebase
Machine Learning with TensorFlow and PyTorch on Apache Hadoop using Cloud Dataproc
Medical Imaging 2.0

Medical imaging is one of the largest sources of healthcare data. Join us in this talk to learn how cloud technologies and artificial intelligence enable new applications in the medical imaging domain, improving patient care and reducing physician burnout.
Python 3 and Me: Upgrading Your Python 2 Application
The Path From Cloud AutoML to Custom Model
Transforming Healthcare With Machine Learning
With the wealth of medical imaging and text data available, there’s a big opportunity for machine learning to optimize healthcare workflows. In this talk, we’ll provide an overview of the Cloud ML products that can help with healthcare scenarios, including AutoML Vision, Natural Language, and BQML. Then we’ll hear from IDEXX, a veterinary diagnostics company using AutoML Vision to classify radiology images.
How to Grow a Spreadsheet into an Application
Integrate Firebase into Your Existing Infrastructure
Customer Case for Anomaly Detection in MMORPG
Genomic Analyses on Google Cloud Platform
Using Google Cloud Platform and other open source tools such as GATK Best Practices and DeepVariant, learn how to perform end-to-end analysis of genomic data. Starting with raw files from a sequencer, progress through variant calling, importing to BigQuery, variant annotation, quality control, BigQuery analysis and visualization with phenotypic data. All the datasets will be publicly available and all the work done will be provided for participants to explore on their own.

Saving Even More Money on Compute Engine

Notable Clients of Google Cloud:
Journey to the Cloud Confidently With Citrix and Google Cloud
Square's Move to Cloud Spanner
Forbes' Road to the Cloud
Why Small and Medium Businesses are Going Google
Clorox Data Cleanup Using Advanced Cloud Dataprep Techniques
How Gordon Food Service Reimagined Collaboration Using G Suite
How Airbnb Secured Access to Their Cloud With Context-Aware Access

ow Twitter Is Migrating 300 PB of Hadoop Data to GCP

Twitter has been migrating their complex Hadoop workload to Google Cloud. In this session, we deep dive into how Twitter's components use Cloud Storage Connector and describe our initial usage, features we implemented, and how Google helped us build those features in open source. We describe how Cloud Storage fits into our ecosystems and the experience and features which have helped us. We'll also talk about unique challenges we discovered in data management at scale.

Optimizing File Storage for Your Use Case

Music Recommendations at Scale with Cloud Bigtable
Spotify serves personalized music recommendations to hundreds of millions of happy customers worldwide, and powers a lot of this infrastructure with Google Cloud Bigtable. In this talk, we'll go into detail about how Cloud Bigtable allows us to deliver recommendations at scale, roll out experiments quickly, and ingest terabytes every day via Cloud Dataflow. We'll discuss a number of challenges we overcame when designing our recommendations infrastructure on top of Cloud Bigtable, including tips about how to design a good schema, how to avoid latency when ingesting new data, and effective caching strategies to scale to tens of millions of data points per second.
Real-Time, Serverless Predictions With Google Cloud Healthcare API
Target's Application Platform (TAP)

Google Cloud for Its Business Partners, Use Case Showcase
Automate Cancer MCA using Cloud Vision API and GCMLE
Learn how Pluto7 built a model to extract the text from Clinical protocols using Cloud Vision API and automatically predicted whether clinical treatments, based on their criteria, were classified, covered by researcher of clinical trial, or by the patient's insurance. We used Cancer Clinical trial protocols by the customer to train word-embeddings and we constructed a dataset of short free-text labeled R or S (Researcher or Sponser).
GitLab's Journey from Azure to GCP and How We Made it Happen
How Uses BigQuery ML to Assess Data Quality and Other Features
How News Corp Transformed into a Data-Driven Organisation
Future of Work With Cisco and Google
How Schlumberger is Building Enterprise Solutions for the Future with Google
Kaiser Permanente's Journey Towards an API-First IT Strategy
Everyone Flies Faster When BigQuery Fuels the BI Engines at AirAsia
How Pandora is Migrating It’s On-Premises BI & Analytics to GCP
Composing Pandora's Move to GCP With Composer
A Glimpse Into CBS Interactive’s AI/ML Group
State of the Art: SAP on Google Cloud
What Did the Doctor Say? Mining Clinical Notes With GCP
Marianne Slight

Product Manager, Google Cloud Healthcare & Life Sciences,

Google Cloud

How Equifax Accelerates Time-to-Market with Microservices and APIs
How Macy's Executes DevOps at Scale on GCP

How HSBC Leverages GCP For Regulatory Reporting
Using Google's Data and AI Technologies with Kaggle

HSBC Invents New Technology as They Migrate to BigQuery
Learn How Cardinal Health Migrated Thousands of VMs to GCP
Using AI to Transform Your Fleet Operations

What Did the Doctor Say? Mining Clinical Notes With GCP
Data Analytics
April 11 | 2:35–3:25 PM

With note bloat now at 80%, it has become harder than ever to trace medical decision-making in the electronic medical record. But the physician's clinical notes provide that context along with nuggets of gold that aren't easily documented in the structured EMR. Join this session to discover how to mine clinical concepts from the physician notes, map them to standard vocabularies, augment the EHR data with them, and use them in your CDW analysis or FHIR applications.

Marianne Slight
Marianne Slight

Product Manager, Google Cloud Healthcare & Life Sciences,

Google Cloud


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