Saturday, March 2, 2019

Tools for Finding a Job in the Silicon Valley

Disclaimer: this is an article on cool and fun tools and best practice, tips to find you find a good job in Silicon Valley especially among the tech unicorns. This is a personal blog and I am not a career counselor. That being said, I have been to tons of company events and can give some good insights.

For recent graduates:

Best Practice & Extra Tips:
  • Feeling stuck in your mid career? Need a renewal? Haven't worked for a while? Consider being a part-time student for a master degree, or an online degree, but look for jobs at the same time. Don't just get one degree after another. Trust me I know how nice that is. I did it. But it can also be a trap.
  • For new moms: some corporate responsibility programs offer career job positions who women who have left work for child rearing. For example, Lending Club's recent job post on LinkedIn (Feb 2019) "The Path Forward Return to Work program at LendignClub is a 16- week paid returnship for ... mother". Google "return to work", "returnship".

Tools for interview preps:
  • Pramp for technical interviews, data science and product management

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