Saturday, March 2, 2019

Neo4j Building the BBC GoodFoods Graph (Neo4j Online Meetup #51) Notes Transcript Lessons Learned

Building the BBC GoodFoods Graph (Neo4j Online Meetup #51) Food Data great for testing out all important neo4j features. Great dataset for illustrating Neo4j's capability for name entity management, master data management, knowledge graph. First look for an API for the data. Almost people scrape if not available. Beautiful Soup. Hard to ID ingredient, trained a ML to recognize that. Nice JSON object in Page Source. On the top of the page. Cool tip to scrape. File with a stream of JSON one per recipe. Decode using a library from JavaScript code and JSON to Python Dictionary. Some exception handling if no data, can skip recipe. Use to construct the graph. Design a graph model first: model the data also needs to find out what question do we want to ask the data. Neo4j easy to change. Don't have to get the model right the first time. Materials available in github. Also a browser guide. Tool called arrows:Create node, entities, the nouns in the data. First node Recipe. Click into the apcjones node, add title as property example title: Chocolate Cake.

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