Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Command line basics

When jumped on a developer project, I realized that command line is absolutely essential and will be used every other seconds. There are the modern ones : Rails command line, Heroku command line, Git, SVN, even though Command Line tools are old~~ for us newly minted developers. For one business co-founder, she wasn't even sure what it is (understandable of course).

For beginners, I will say: it's hard to learn, old, and less GUI (not graphically rich and friendly for beginners). You have to watch out for several things.

This is a growing list of cautions, tips and notes for beginners, especially beginner rails developers!

  • In rails development you often have to use "sudo" to do super user things. But that's not so good. Most professionals don't like using super user power very much. That can break things. In fact, beginners need to be very careful with command lines.
  • remove commands, rm, especially with force -f or recursive -r can be especially destructive, use caution 
  • is an IP address that refers to the local computer

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