Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Culture Note : Eventbrite Part 1 | Product + UX + Development, an engineering culture with traditional clients

Foreword: the Culture Note series covers startup cultures and life in the Silicon Valley, a main theme of this blog. I had the fortune to visit many startups as a part of Stanford education and being the Valley when the beginner coder movement is at its max. I would like to share my observations and analysis. This content may be useful if you are researching companies, for employment, interviews, studying, research / essay, or articles. Let me know how you use it.

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The Bay Area Geek Girl Dinner partnered with the Eventbrite team for an evening of career sessions and presentation for female developers. It was organized, funny, and packed with great content, the time was perfectly scheduled and utilized.

Eventbrite co-founder Julia Hartz delivered the opening talk about the challenges of startup growth pain. The company strived to keep the team small but stellar to battling the loss of startup culture over size. She constantly kept the culture factors in check.

Julia Hartz talks about Eventbrite Culture
Genuine is the first trait listed in the slide above. She talked a lot about empowering, and also implied that the employees are well selected, and do a lot more than just their position titles can imply. A remarkable 2% low attrition rate is unheard of in the startup sector, yet Eventbrite has achieved so far. Julia attributes it to extreme focus on features and performance when growth pain bites. The employee mosaic is an interesting visual representation of just how important the individual tile is for Eventbrite and how carefully selected, proudly displayed these core hearts of Eventbrite are.

Julia Hartz co-founder at Eventbrite proudly displays the employee mosaic at Bay Area Geek Girl Dinner
[End of part 1. Later parts will cover, product, UX, product management, engineering, client account management at eventbrite.]

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